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Dental Implants

Missing Teeth Replaced

Dental implants have revolutionised the replacement of missing teeth, providing you durable fixed teeth with a natural look and feel. Unlike conventional bridges they do not involve drilling any of the natural teeth. In fact the remaining natural teeth often benefit from having the missing teeth replaced as there is less stress on them during chewing. Dental implants are also great to secure loose dentures. You no longer have to suffer embarrassingly loose or uncomfortable teeth.

Replacing your missing teeth will enhance not only the appearance of your smile but, in the case of those with many teeth missing, the whole face, due to improved muscle tone and support of the lips and cheeks.

Richard has over fourteen years of experience in the field and also takes referrals from general dentists around the county. In addition Richard is an Association of Dental Implantology UK registered mentor for dentists new to implantology and holds regular lectures. He has been the South West representative of the Association of Dental Implantology UK and was made a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists in 2005. 


Green Room dentistry is home to Cornwall Implant Centre, this is a selection of 'before and after' cases we have carried out.  We also add examples of our treatment to our social media pages; facebook and instagram.


This is an overview of the process...

Step 1  Book an appointment to see Richard for a consultation to discuss implants. We can give you an idea straight away of what treatments would benefit you and likely dental implant cost. With your consent we may take a CT scan to give us a three dimensional image of your mouth which is invaluable in helping us plan your treatment. 

Step 2  A detailed assessment is carried out. Intra-oral scans, Digital x-rays, Low Dose CT scan, photographs, screening, models of your teeth, and previews of the final result made by our master dental get the idea. Think architects drawings and site surveys before building a house.

Step 3  You are issued with a report detailing your treatment options and a quotation. 

Step 4  The implant(s) are inserted to pre-determined positions to achieve the planned result. We leave the implants undisturbed for a period of two to four months to allow the surrounding bone to mature and provide a secure platform for rebuilding the teeth. This is known as osseo-integration. 

Step 5  The position of the implants is recorded and our technician makes your new teeth! Technology is on our side with computer aided design and clever materials like titanium and zirconium. In the end though it's all down to correct planning, the skill and flair of the dentist and dental technician.



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