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Awards and press

In our first year of opening we won the prestigious WOW awards for the best practice in a small town and the overall award for the best practice in the UK.

Reward for our efforts

Why the Green Room Won

Gavin Willis and Roger Gullidge, Joint MD's of Paradigm Designers are wowed once more as they travel to Cornwall with the winners prize.

As we drove up to the Green Room Dental Practice on a crisp, sunny morning last December, Roger and I were reminded why this practice is so special and why it so impressed us when we first visited it a year back.

Of course, and more importantly, the presentation joint Principals Richard and Sally Hudson made to the WOW! Awards judges in March last year impressed the judges to the extent that it was voted overall winner. And they were up against some serious competition.

The purpose of the Dental Practice WOW! Awards, which Paradigm co-sponsors, is to recognise and reward practices that demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the patient experience. Relatively stringent entry criteria apply, so only the very best make it through to the finals. In short, Richard and Sally had and have every reason to be proud of their practice and what it is achieving.

The unashamed delight they expressed when they won the Award was clearly evident again when Roger and I presented their prize a limited edition print from his Reef Swimmer Series by the renowned Liverpool artist, Bill Bate. Roger chose the artwork because he felt it captured the mood and spirit of the practice. We loved it, but there's always that nervous moment when you wait to see how it will be received. So Sally's immediate decision to give it pride of place in reception was reassuring.

We asked how the year had been and the impact of winning the WOW! Award.

Winning the Award has been a great boost for morale and a real vindication of the investment we have made was Richard's view, "Our patient numbers have grown steadily despite the recession and the demand for implants has doubled compared with this time last year."

Although the Green Room was voted a clear overall winner of the WOW! Awards, Sally had told me that she had greatly benefited from listening to and learning from the other finalists. "I learned more that day than from any seminar I have attended" she'd said. And that got me thinking!

Sharing ideas and improving the patient experience have been the true essence of the WOW! concept. The winner of the first Awards, David Houston and Richard and Sally have much in common. They are willing to learn and willing to embrace new ideas. Equally they are happy to share the ingredients of their recipes for success with others. More news of this in the next few issues of Dental Practice.

As we left, I thanked Richard and Sally for sponsoring me when I ran the London Marathon last April. Sally mentioned that Richard was doing the notorious Norsman Iron Man in August a 2.5 mile swim, a 112 mile cycle ride, finishing with a full 26.5 mile marathon. A good time for the course is 16 hours (it's that tough) and Richard is aiming to beat that. And I thought my Marathon was some achievement!

It certainly gives a new meaning to the phrase 'fit to practise'.

Gavin Willis



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